We would like to welcome you to the website of Biodone inc. from Almkerk, Netherlands. Biodone inc. is a company specialising in the export of worms (Dendrobeana Veneta worms or perhaps better known as the 'European nightcrawlers').

Biodone is one of the worm allied companies, affiliated to and subsidiary of: 'Holding De Nieuwe Doorn b.v.'. Biodone inc. exports its products to most of the European countries, however our main export partner is the United States. On the whole, Biodone exports approximately 250.000 Kg of worms each year and growing rapidly. As part of our assortment we can also include the Compost-worm, the 'Mealworm' and the Canadian Nightcrawler.

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Additional worm products

Aside from fishing-worms, Biodone also cultivates and ships:
  • Canadian Nightcrawlers
  • Compost-worms
  • Mixed-worms
  • Meal-worms
  • Buffalo's
  • Morio's
The Canadian Nightcrawler worms are transported weekly directly from Canada via air transport, so we can ensure quality and freshness of the worms.

The Compost-worms are comprised of a mix of Dendro's / 'Tijgeraars' and Red Worms. The mix-batches can be delivered in a number of different compositions, depending on the individual desires of our clients. The Buffalo, Meelworms and Morio worms can be delivered in any desired amount.